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Corporate Events

Mash Paddle Brewery is the perfect venue for your next corporate event.
Staff Parties

Staff Parties

Mash Paddle Brewery is the ideal location to host your next staff party. With professional service and a wide range of delicious craft beer, you can be sure that your guests will have an unforgettable night.

Team Building

Team Building

Bring your team along to learn how to brew craft beer. The day can be tailored to your needs including presentations and quizzes as well as a tasting session.

Meetings / Presentations

Meetings / Presentations

Welcome to Mash Paddle Brewery, the perfect place to hold off-site meetings and presentations. Our space is equipped with projectors, large screens and complete privacy, making it the perfect venue for your event. Our professional staff will assist you in making sure your event is a success.

Where your corporate event includes a brewing experience we will work with you to brand the final product to give your team a great branded take away as a memento of the day 

Why Choose Mash Paddle Brewery​

We offer a range of brewing experiences

Selected Malts

Certain styles will call for different base malts and using the right base malt will give you the best chance of brewing an awesome beer.

Ingredient Sourcing

We source our ingredients from all over the world, from Motueka hops from New Zealand to Canadian Redvine.

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Company Branding

We will work with you to design the perfect brand for your beer, showcasing your companies unique style.

Perfect Packaging

Package your beer into a selection of cans, or even one-use (recyclable) kegs which can be served back at the office.

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