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Welcome To Mash Paddle Brewery

Where you can Brew the beer

Located in the heart of the Bermondsey Beer Mile, Mash Paddle Brewery is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a fantastic craft beer. Want more? We also teach you how to brew your own amazing beer!

We Brew amazing Beer using professional kit

Established in 2022, Mash Paddle Brewery is one of the newest Brewery-Taprooms on the Bermondsey Beer Mile. Mash Paddle is built on the ethos that everyone should be able to brew amazing beer using the highest quality kit, regardless of space constraints.

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The Brewing Experience

Best Quality ingredients and professional brewing kit

Mash Paddle Brewery is London’s only incubator for start-up brewers, where anyone can learn to Brew Great Beer in one of our classes.

Enjoy the Taste

Enjoy the Taste

We start all our classes with a beer and a chat through the history and process of brewing.

Learn To Brew it

Learn To Brew it

You will get to brew your own amazing beer, under step-by-step guidance from one of our brewers.

Collect Your Beer

Collect Your Beer

A couple of weeks later you return to sample, put your beer into cans, and take away!

Enjoy at Home

Enjoy at Home

Share your beer with friends and family with pride! You made this!

Why Choose Mash Paddle Brewery

We share Our Passion for beer with you

Ingredient Sourcing

We source our ingredients from all over the world, from Motueka hops from New Zealand to Canadian Redvine.

Quality Hops

Hops fade fast, and by buying them in bulk we can secure the freshest hops, directly to your beer.

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Trade Prices

We secure our ingredients at trade prices, and pass the savings on to our members. Brew here, and you can access the best prices available to an individual.

Perfect Packaging

Bottles are sooo 2019. Can your beer right here in the brewery, and take away in 330, 440 or 500ml models.

Our Beer

Discover Our Beer

Here are a few examples of what you can make at the brewery. From individuals to couples to company team-building days out – there’s something for everyone at Mash Paddle.


Solstice Vibes

Percy Pale

Percy's Pale


Poseidon Pils


Leaping Stag

Join us on one of our Beginner classes

Our beginner classes teach you everything you need to brew your own beer, and just a couple of weeks later you’ll be invited back for a canning session, and walk away with around 20 litres of your own beer, ready for you to share and enjoy!

Our Blog

The Latest from Our Blog

All you need to know about what’s happening at Mash Paddle Brewery, including latest offers and events

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